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The Sheep Laughs Comedy Show is a weekly 15 minute professionally-produced and family-friendly variety show, featuring clean comedy by Christian comedians. Standup, skits and songs, all under one hoof!

Meet your host!

Fred Passmore
Produced by long-time radio and comedy veteran Fred Passmore, of Sheep Laughs Records, The Sheep Laughs Comedy Podcast is available for download to your PC or iPod, to take along with you. Each week, you can enjoy a new fifteen minute program featuring stand-up, skits and songs from the best Christian comedians around the country.

Here are some of the comedians you will hear on the program...

Anita Renfroe, Prime Example, Gary Shepperd, Kerri Pomarolli, Lanny Moody, Paul Aldrich, Gordon Douglas, Gary Claxton, Kay Dekalb-Smith, Ron McGehee, Joe Gautier, Robert G. Lee, Donna East, Paul Aldrich, Nazareth, Thor Ramsey, Rick Younger, Justin Fennell, Nick Alexander, Al Fike, Eric Baker, MainStreet, Wayne Berry, Kelly Sisney, Nick Arnette... plus many more to come!

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You can set up the subscription if you are familiar with rss/xml here:

Or type it in: http://www.sheeplaughs.com/sheeplaughspodcast.xml

Copy and paste the above newsfeed into the subscription field of your download program, such as the JuiceRetriever. Or, open your iTunes and go to the Advanced Menu. Scroll down and select Subscribe to Podcast... Paste the URL above into the window, and you're set!

You don't need an iPod or a subscription program to enjoy the show: just download it from here straight to your PC and listen! Right-click on the link and select "save target as..." from the popup menu. Then go to the file where you saved it and click on it to open and listen! If you have a fast enough connection, you can hear it just by clicking on the filename and listening as it streams. Afterward, visit the sites of the artists that you enjoyed by clicking on their names below the program title.

And here they are!

If you are a Christian comedian with a recorded project you would like to submit for possible use on the Podcast, please print out and fill out the artist release form, and mail it with your CD(s) to:

Sheep Laughs Records c/o
Attn: Fred Passmore

1618 Aimwell Rd
Vidalia, GA 30474

Click the banner above to learn more about Sheep Laugh Records, the company behind this site. Sheep Laughs Records supplies you with the best in Christian skit scripts, performance soundtracks, comedy CDs, and more.

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The Sheep Laughs Comedy Show is available for your station to run. The format works for either radio or as a podcast. It may be downloaded and used, or supplied to you on CD, which is better quality. Call me at 912-245-7271 for details!

Stations running the program:

Listen to the program on TSR on Saturday at 6:45 PM, Monday at 12 PM and Wednesday at 9 AM! Or view the program profile and listen.

Also listen on VoltEdge Radio, Sundays at 7:00 PM Central, 8:00 PM Eastern and 5:00 PM Pacific.

The Sheep Laughs Comedy Show podcast can also be found on and downloaded from the following sites:

(the official Sheep Laughs Myspace page)

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